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Salah Rahman

On 1st February 2004 Salah Rahman lost his life alongside his father Deputy Prime Minister of The Kurdistan Regional Government, Sami Abdul Rahman, and 96 other Kurdistanis in twin terrorist attacks in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

Faced with their tragic loss, the family decided that something positive should result from it.

Salah spent most of his life in the UK and was very loving and devoted to his wife Shirin and his daughters Shayan and Joane. He was an avid fan of Millwall, his local football club, and regularly played various sports including football and squash. He not only enjoyed playing sports and being a spectator, he also had a strong sense of fair play.

Salah's legacy is his generosity of spirit and love of sport. He had a deep desire to see progress for his people and loved the idea of sport being more than exercise, but a tool for personal development and a positive force in people's lives. In the same spirit of generosity, the Foundation was set up to bring joy to young and old in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq - a part of the world that has seen decades of suffering and is at last starting to look to a brighter future.

Our mission is to build and improve sports facilities, provide training and support, and raise awareness of the benefits that sport can bring to all people, regardless of their age, sex or background.

The Salah Rahman Sports Foundation had a very successful launch on 9th July 2006, thanks to the generosity of Salah's friends and loved ones. Being a new charity that is starting from scratch, we need to raise much more to start our projects.

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Salah picture Young footballer 1984 Salah in 1970 Salah as a child