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The Salah Rahman Sports Foundation is the only charity in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq dedicated to improving people's lives through sport, by providing them with facilities and coaching and by promoting sport for all people from all backgrounds.

The Foundation supports sport at the grassroots - helping schools that have no or poor sports facilities, and offering coaching and support for kids, teenagers and adults who love sports but don't have access to playing them.

Most of us take for granted our school and town playing fields and the coaching offered for sports we love. In the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, many children are lucky if they get a chance to play on bare dirt fields and many do not have the equipment and help they need.

Kurdistan is still recovering from its painful past. Many Kurdistanis have endured war, poverty and repression, and carry the scars of their Region's tragic history. The joy that sport brings to all people, especially children, can help to heal those scars. Sport gives them a feeling of hope, community and pride in their accomplishments.

Many organisations in the Region support health, education and rights. The Salah Rahman Sports Foundation is the first to recognise the need to help the neglected area of community sports. In a part of the world where so many children have grown up too fast and lost their childhood, where several generations have endured terrible hardships, the Salah Rahman Sports Foundation is committed to delivering the joy, freedom and team spirit that sport can give them.

The charity is registered with the UK Charity Commission no: 1113896.

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