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Our Work and Projects

Money raised by the Salah Rahman Sports Foundation (registered with the UK Charity Commission, no 1113896) will go a long way in helping promote grass roots sports in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

The Kurdistan Regional Government's Sports and Youth Ministry is kindly helping us by providing information about the sporting needs in the Kurdistan Region. Currently we plan to carry out these projects for a variety sports:

  • � Supply sporting goods to schools, which currently have few sports facilities. With a small amount of money, equipment such as footballs and goals, volleyballs and nets can be provided and make a big difference to schoolchildren.
  • � Coach the coaches. Provide first class international coaching to a variety of coaches in the Kurdistan Region.
  • � Support new facilities as they are built and engage international expertise in ensuring the highest possible standards are achieved.
  • � Increase organisational capacity. We will increase the delivery of sports throughout the Region by helping to organise tournaments and competitions.
  • Run campaigns to raise awareness of the physical and psychological benefits of sport. Ensure that girls and women have access to sport and encourage them to participate to the full.

We can't make this happen without your support so please consider making a donation.

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